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Web Hosting Review – The Browser Wars

As mentioned by The browser wars have heated up over the past decade. Most users see a website in some browser or the other and the experience can not only be tailored to a browser but it can be horrible if the user ends up seeing a website on an unsupported browser. Most browsers have mobile versions that run on cellphones so the web-hosting service should also be able to serve the mobile version of the website. The web hosting reviews  should also provide the caching service for dynamic content for slower connections to the actual server. Most of the Microsoft OS’ these days use some or the other version of IE9 while most of the open source OS’ go for Firefox or Chrome. Apple OS’ have a browser called Safari, medical which runs on their laptops, cellphones and IPAD devices. The web hosting reviews are also pointers to the lack of availability of video, audio and other multimedia serving capabilities, which is almost an essential these days.

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