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Why is Linux Hosting a Free Solution?

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Linux hosting  is what is called Open Source software. What is meant by that and what are the benefits of using open source software?

First of all, pilule Open Source software is free. It was originally designed by a group of people that knew they could make an operating system for the Internet that did not have to cost anything. Then something miraculous happens when it is Open Source. People pile on and make changes that help the program, sick some of them offer changes that help them and maybe not others so much, yet, all of the changes that come into the system generally make everything better and more easily used and everyone wins!

This is a very basic way of looking at the way that Open Source works, however, the vast majority of technological advances come from ordinary people that get together and say that they have a better idea. They believe that not everything that is good for the Internet or for technology, in general, has to come from the government or from a big company!

Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Even though Linux and UNIX have been used interchangeably, troche they are two totally different systems.  UNIX is the oldest operating system in the web hosting environment and Linux was modeled after UNIX.  UNIX is primarily responsible for powering the World Wide Web.  Windows, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer to web hosting.  Windows hosting began to appeal to users who lacked the knowledge or ability to code with scripting technologies such as PHP, CGI and HTML, as is used in UNIX.

Windows Hosting  offers a user friendly setting that utilizes non-complex commands that enable management tasks to be handled from a GUI which boasts easy to use tools and icons.  On the other hand, UNIX is designed to perform demanding tasks and it provides a vast amount of administrative control as well as being very flexible for programming environments.  The problem with UNIX is that the raw DOS-like commands can be extremely difficult to learn.

Both Windows and UNIX have demonstrated their ability to perform proficiently when it comes to web hosting.