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Shared Hosting – What are the Limitations?

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Since, ailment in a shared hosting  situation, try there are more than just your webpages on the server, prescription problems can exist that you would not even think could. One of the other clients on that server could install some scripts that has a few, shall we say, “bugs” in it/them. This could affect not only their files but it also might just take some or all of yours down. That is definitely a limitation!

Another limitation that can be experienced is the amount of space that may be available for you at any given time. You have a lot of disk space for the running of your programs and scripts but let’s say that you had a great launch of a new web site and the traffic spiked to the point (it might only be for a few minutes) that everything slowed down. Where is that traffic go to go? The other clients on the server are having the same problems because of you! (Put that on the other foot!) Limitation!